Extraordinaory People
Below is just two synopsis overviews of the many specialist individuals we have the pleasure working with.
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Brilliant, Cambridge-Educated Analyst
  • Extremely able communicator
  • Able to bring real technical depth to a commercial role, or excellent commercial awareness to a technical role. 
  • Highly adaptable, approachable and enthusiastic.
  • A.S. is a real team player.
  • Best suited to a small company breaking new ground.
  • Covers multiple roles in a growing organisation, providing the technology vision, leadership and insight needed to achieve the most challenging goals. 


Available for Contract and Permanent roles

Technical Operations Manager/Director
  • Team-builder, leader, motivatorDeep with broad technical experise in Embedded ASIC, FPGA, Wireless, Mobile, IC PCB Design.
  • A.J. combines a pragmatic approach and deep knowledge of hardware engineering with a warm, honest and extremely approachable personal style.
  • Expert at assembling a team and building morale.
  • Perfect Hardware Engineer Director for a business that rapidly needs to scale up its development capability and reliability.


Available for Contract

and Permanent roles